Central Bureau of Narcotics



Miscellaneous Orders

Confirmation of Probation period of 2 years of officers/ staff posted in Central Bureau of Narcotics

Movement Order on completion of Basic Training Course for CBN Executive Officers from 14/07/2014 to 02/08/2014 at BSF Academy (STC) Tekanpur, Gwalior (M.P.)

Transfers and Postings

Order No. 88/2016 - Transfers & Postings in the grade of Superintendent/ Distict Opium Officer dated 27/12/2016

Order No. 72/2016 - Transfers & Postings in the grade of Inspector dated 27/09/2016

Order No. 42/2016- Amendment in the transfers & postings in the grade of UDC dated 19/05/2016

Order No. 37/2016- Modification in the transfers & postings in the grade of Inspectors/ UDC dated 17/05/2016

Order No. 31/2016-Transfers & postings in the grade of Inspectors dated 12/05/2016

Order No. 30/2016-Transfers & postings in the grade of Superintendent/ DOO dated 11/05/2016

Order No. 29/2016-Transfers & postings in the grade of Sub-Inspectors dated 11/05/2016

Order No. 28/2016-Transfers & postings in the grade of Hawaldars dated 09/05/2016

Order No. 26/2016-Transfers in the grade of DOS dated 04/05/2016

Order No. 25/2016-Transfers in the grade of UDC dated 05/05/2016

Order No. 20/2016-Transfers in the grade of Havaldar dated 26/04/2016

Order No. 18/2016-Transfers in the grade of Lower Division Clerks dated 13/04/2016

Order No. 17/2016-Transfers in the grade of Drivers dated 14/04/2016

Order No. 16/2016-Transfers in the grade of Sub-Inspectors dated 13/04/2016

Order No. 25/2015-Transfers in the grade of Inspectors dated 08-05-2015

Order No. 22/2015-Transfers in the grade of Superintendent dated 06-05-2015

Order No. 34/2014-Sub-Inspectors dated 19-05-2014

Order No. 32/2014-Inspectors dated 19-05-2014

Order No. 33/2014-Superintendent/ DOO dated 19-05-2014

Order No. 5/2013-RAJ dated 05-06-2013

Order No. 4/2013-RAJ dated 03-06-2013

Order No. 3/2013-RAJ dated 30-05-2013

Order No. 2/2013-RAJ dated 29-05-2013

Order No. 1/2013-RAJ dated 29-05-2013

Order No. 25/2013 dated 05-06-2013

Order No. 24/2013 dated 05-06-2013

Order No. 23/2013 dated 05-06-2013

Order No. 4/2013-MP dated 06-06-2013

Order No. 3/2013-MP dated 30-05-2013

Order No. 2/2013-MP dated 30-05-2013

Order No. 1/2013-MP dated 30-05-2013

Order No. 20/2013 dated 30-05-2013

Order No. 17/2013 dated 06-05-2013

Order No. 16/2013 dated 22-04-2013

Order No. 15/2013 dated 18-04-2013

Order No. 102/2012 dated 23-11-2012

Order No. 96/2012 dated 25-10-2012

Order No. 95/2012 dated 25-10-2012

Order No. 94/2012 dated 18-10-2012

Order No. 90/2012 dated 28-09-2012

Order No. 70/2012 dated 23-07-2012
Order No. 71/2012 dated 23-07-2012
Order No. 72/2012 dated 23-07-2012


Order No. 23/2014 dated 11/04/2014

Order No. 39/2013 dated 29/07/2013

Order No. 38/2013 dated 29/07/2013

Order No. 37/2013 dated 29/07/2013

Order No. 36/2013 dated 29/07/2013

Order No. 35/2013 dated 29/07/2013

Order No. 34/2013 dated 29/07/2013

Order No. 33/2013 dated 29/07/2013

Order No. 08/2013 dated 01/03/2013

Order No. 89/2012 dated 28-09-2012

Order No. 88/2012 dated 28-09-2012

Order No. 80/2012 dated 06-09-2012
Important Establishment Orders & Circulars

Transfer Proforma for submitting the preferences for place of posting




OA No. 746/2010 filed before Hon'ble CAT, Jaipur Bench, Jaipur by Shri J.C. Panwar - CBEC letter dated 05th July, 2012

Modified Assured Career Progression (MACP) Scheme for Central Government Civilian Employees of CBN

- Order No. 104/2012 dated 30th August, 2012

- Order No. 105/2012 dated 30th August, 2012

Important Orders & Circulars related to Medical  Treatment

Recognition of Mascot Hospital & Research Centre, Gwalior (M.P.) for treatment of Central Government employees under CS (MA) Rules, 1944.

Clarification regarding Fresh empanelment of private Hospitals and Revision of package rates applicable under CGHS.

Important Orders & Circulars related to Compassionate Appointment

Consolidated instructions on Compassionate Appointment - OM dated 16th January, 2013

Scheme for Compassionate Appointment - Instructions

Compassionate Appointment - Recommendation by the Committee limited to availability of vacancy.

Compassionate Appointment - Scheme for compassionate appointment under the Central Government - Determination of vacancies.

Compassionate Appointment - Review of Scheme for compassionate appointment in the light of 6th Pay Commission recommendations.

Compassionate Appointment - Action Taken on 23rd Report of the Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law and Justice on the Government's Policy