Organization Set-up


The Central Bureau of Narcotics (CBN) is a Central Government Department under the Ministry of Finance. It exercises superintendence   of licit cultivation of opium poppy. Central Bureau of Narcotics functions under Narcotics Commissioner of India having its Headquarters at Gwalior. The Narcotics Commissioner is assisted by two Joint / Additional Commissioner rank officers of the Customs & Central Excise service designated as Deputy Narcotics Commissioner (DNC).  The DNCs are assisted by two officers of the rank of Deputy / Assistant Commissioners from the said service designated as Assistant Narcotics Commissioner (ANC). 


The CBN has three field Unit offices situated at Kota (Rajasthan), Neemuch (Madhya Pradesh) and Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) for the three licit poppy growing states..   Each Unit Office is headed by Joint/ Additional Commissioner of Customs and Central Excise Service designated as Deputy Narcotics Commissioner (DNC). Each unit has under it Opium Divisions and preventive and intelligence cells for   supervision of cultivation and effective preventive work. These offices are headed by District Opium Officers (DOO) and Superintendents respectively.


  Each Division is further divided into Ranges headed by an officer of the rank of a Sub-Inspector (SI), who undertakes measurement of the area brought under poppy cultivation in his Range.  For this purpose, the area of each licensed cultivator is measured.  The Range office maintains all the records of licensed poppy cultivators and assists the DOO in various operations like settlement, licensing, measurement and weighment etc.  The work of Range SI is supervised by Inspector (Cultivation). Each District Opium Officer also has post of Inspector (Preventive) who undertakes preventive and enforcement functions in the Division.

 The Preventive & Intelligence Cells have been entrusted the responsibility of enforcing the provisions of the NDPS Act relating to search and seizure etc. 


Organizational chart of the Department


Functions & Duties

The functions and duties of the Central Bureau of Narcotics include:

1)                 Superintendence of the licit cultivation of opium poppy in India

2)                 Licensing for manufacture of synthetic narcotic drugs under Rule 7 of the NDPS Rules, 1985

3)                 Issuance of authorization for import and export of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances under Rule 56 & 59 respectively of the NDPS Rules, 1985.  In addition import / export of select precursor chemicals is also controlled through DGFT notification issued under the Exim Policy.  The policy provides that said import / export can be permitted on condition of obtaining No Objection Certificate from the Narcotics Commissioner. 

4)                 In addition, registration of import contracts of poppy seeds as per Notification No. 27 (RE-2000)/1997-2002 dated 01.08.2000(Deptt. of Commerce).

5)                 Enforcement of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act 1985 mainly in the opium poppy growing areas of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

6)                  Besides the above functions, the Department also discharges the obligations cast on it under the three United Nations Conventions i.e., Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961, United Nations Convention on Psychotropic substances, 1971 and United Nations Convention against illicit traffic in Narcotic Drugs and psychotropic substances, 1988.